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Click on ​the Play Button on the Video Below to hear live  Therapeutic Flute Music

What is Live Therapeutic Music?

According to MHTP, the school I graduated from, is  a school that trains musicians to provide live therapeutic music as CMPs (Certified Music Practitioners), "therapeutic music is music that is intended to alleviate a physical, emotional, or mental concern."

Who Offers Live Therapeutic Music?

 I am  a graduate of MHTP, also known as,  a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP). Participants are  specially-trained musicians who  provides  live acoustic therapeutic music at bedside, one-on-one, for therapeutic purposes. Each Music Practitioner is a graduate of the Music for Healing & Transition Program, a course of study which includes medical and musical classes provided by qualified instructors. Read More 


Therapeutic Music services are offered at home, school, nursing home, or a clinical setting. This is a service, not a performance. For more research on live therapeutic music click here

How is this beneficial to me?

Research shows that live therapeutic music can:

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  • equalize brain wave activity
  • calm and regulate heartbeat and respirations
  • reduce muscle tension and improve mobility
  • help regulate body temperature
  • increase endorphin levels, reducing pain
  • boost the immune system
  • stimulate digestion
  • promote feelings of well being

What kind of clients benefit from these sessions?

Live Therapeutic Music is being used successfully with many types of clients, including those who are acutely ill or injures, those suffering from dementia, a learning disability, those on the "Autistic" spectrum, premature babies, birthing moms, stressed executives, those looking for alternative health & wellness, and the dying.

While I was working in a healthcare institution, trained techs, recorded the patients' vital signs after I facilitated a 20-minute therapeutic music session at the bedside. I was told hundreds of times, that the person's high blood pressure dropped 30 - 40 points, the heart rate regulated and the oxygen uptake increased! That is an awesome demonstration of a unique holistic modality!

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