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Cheryl's Magic Flute

What is "Color Me Calm ?" 

The simple use of color, sound and  live  music  for less stress. In addition I add brain gym exercises to balance the right and left brain as well as drum rhythms which also stimulate brain neurons. Raw vegetables, fruits and  juices  also compliment this type of therapy.  This is to assist the body in healing. Emotions and moods can be affected by the use of color and sound. Each color vibration is associated with a matching "frequency"  keynote of music. This is  an energetic vibrational type of therapy, based on the principles of "Chromotherapy" or  "Spectro-chrome Therapy," also known as "Color Therapy. "  Any age of person can benefit from it. One method of utilizing color to affect your mood, even  emotion or health is to wear colored non perscription  glasses.  A simple stage  lamp along with medical grade  color therapy light gels can also be used to flood the body with color or even one area like the brain that can use a little stimulation. Stage lighting gels are for the stage. But for our health, we need the deepest truest colors. I have known the Dinshah medical grade quality gels to last up to 20 years. That's how long I have had mine and they don't crack!!!   Many say, this treatment is like a touchless massage.

Sunlight contains all the colors  of the spectrum. The color of the light entering your body through the glasses or, in flooding the body with a projected color,  concentrated in one particular color of the rainbow, brings a remarkable difference to your energy system as well.  To find out more and get your own pair of colored glasses, click here. 

If you'd like to do a Skype or IMO session with me, you'll need your own lamp and gels to create the most beneficial effect. To get a discount on a top quality lamp and gels, go to  and order the "Gold Star Kit with a Lamp." You will have all the colors you need to get started.   Then I  can provide and play the matching note or music with my Native American flute, Pan or Alto flute,  that is in the same frequency as the color you are using  and , teach you  the brain gym exercises.  I have a "Chromoluminator" that I use to set a slow pulse of rhythm that saturates your brain with a colorful image. I finish up with the Shamanic Drumming pattern over the client's body to reverse the classic stress response. The  use  of  the Shamanic drumming technique, helps the brain waves and is in harmony with the frequency of the earth and the client's body.  Due to the massive amounts of cell phone radiation and toxicity, our nervous system and brain is on stress mode 24/7. Then we wonder,  why can't I sleep anymore??? 

By the way, how many concerts have you seen with an array of stage lighting that supports  the music and completes the experience for you, the listener? 
Here, you are center stage, where the projected color and sound are directed to you in a nurturing and caring way, just for the health of it! 


All ages benefit! This adult is enjoying  relaxation & wellness at the end of a long day......

10th grade Autistic teens de-stress with color & Cheryl's Magic Flute



  • Equalize & slow down brain waves
  • Enhance focus & attention
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Regulate stress -related hormones
  • Increase endorphin Levels
  • Balance sensory overload... and much more!


  • Caregivers of all ages 
  • Stressed corporate executives & employees
  • Children of all ages, Special Needs or Gifted
  • Stressed working mothers
  • Pregnant , Birthing &  Nursing mothers
  • Elders high & low functioning

It is known that hospitals have used blue light therapy to cure jaundice in babies for decades and more recently blue has been approved by the FDA for treating acne.

We don't know from hard science why color affects mood, but studies have proven over and over again that they do. 


(Wikipedia) A small research study carried out in Brussels compared the behavior of nine adult clients with profound autism in both classroom and Snoezelen settings.  Snoezelen rooms incorporate a few of the elements of "Chromotherapy" with the use of colors and sound. There was a 50% reduction in distress and stereotypical behavior, and seventy five percent less aggression and self-injury in a Snoezelen type of environment.

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Mark Unger, host of Round Table (an ongoing series of New York City cable TV programs)  interviews Darius Dinshah,  President of The Dinshah Health Society.

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