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"The Bach Festival Society has received a large amount of positive feedback from parents and medical professionals attesting to the benefits of her work at area hospitals. Her programs are fun, stress reducing, interactive, educational and enjoyed by all that participate."

Katie M. Signor Office Manager Bach Festival Society of Winter Park-

"Cheryl is able to adapt her work to diverse groups with differing abilities and needs including young children, adolescents, the cognitively and physically impaired elderly and those with other disturbances of thought and mood. I have learned and benefited from her work and recognize her as an excellent, competent Certified Music Practitioner and Health Rhyhtms Facilitator/Educator."

Judith Laney RN, MN Professor of Nursing Seminole Community College

"Thanks again for everything you have done to help us connect people with disabilities and their families with collaboration, advocacy, friendship, and empowerment through the Annual Family Cafe."

The Family Cafe Tallahassee, Florida Tanya Hansen Director

"I have observed Cheryl working with children in our summer camp program. Through music and movement activities, she was able to establish a therapeutic, positive experience for each child. I find the work that she is doing to be of immense benefit for all children." 

Polly H. Greek, MSW Founder of Expressive Kids! Day Camp The Brigham Center for Conscious Living Orlando, Florida

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