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My history and interest of working with "Healing Arts" started when I realized I loved everything that could be used to enhance the healing process,  my own as well as others. This  includes how to take music from the land of performance to a land of service. This approach is  different from performing music as I learned growing up in a  house that valued the splendor and pomp of show business.  My dad  started as an actor  in off Broadway productions,  and then migrated to Los Angeles for several years, until he was drafted into the service. My brother to this day, is a very talented multi instrumentalist and jazz musician. 

In 1997, I heard of a Hospital program that used "healing arts modalities in their "Body, Mind & Medicine" program. They offered Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Music at the bedside, Drama at the bedside, Laughter Yoga, and Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming. In my work at this facility, I facilitated Health Rhythms and played Live Therapeutic music at the bedside. 


 In my growing up years I always loved expressive arts.   I worked with this Healing Arts program for over 10 years. During my time there, I enrolled in a  school program entitled, " MHTP Music for Healing and Transition."  This was a course of study on how to use music for the support of patients, reducing their stress and supporting the intention to support wellness.  I studied, practiced and learned the skills to become a "Certified Music Practitioner," a musical caregiver who  provided  Live therapeutic Music at the bedside. 

My chiropractor introduced me to Chromotherapy, which is based on recipes of particular colors and musical pitches that match by frequency for health. It is a form of Sound frequency therapy, a  holistic "energy modality." I used this method as a part of my own brain injury recovery.  Being Neurodivergent, I always felt I understood how others suffered in this way. After 15 years of personal use and working with it, I trained in this   through Harmony Alternative Health Therapies. I used this modality with special needs, at risk youth  and some adults.


Living in Orlando, The land of Disney and fantasy, I remembered how "Disney's Fantasia" gave a splendid example of "synthesesia," through music, colors and movement, our imagination, being and world could begin a kind of transformation and healing!


In 1999, I was commisioned to travel to Peru where I played my flute for the health professional team I travelled with. from Lima to Macchu Picchu and down to the Amazon Rainforest. I spent some time with village Shamans learning about their natural medicine and The "Ayachauasca" plant.  There, I discovered the Peruvian Pan flute and the Caina. (Like the Japanese "Shakuahaschi" flute )


Upon my return to the states, I pioneered my programs through a local medical center with Cancer patients, birthing mothers, newborn babies and Dementia patients. Years later, I started serving  At-risk youth and adults in a Behavioral Health hospital. In the last 23  years, I have received six grants , four from VSA ( Very Special Arts of Florida) and The Kennedy Center for the Arts.  With the  Bach Festival's "Moving Music" program, through Rollins College in  Winter Park, Fla. I was able   to serve birthing mothers, youth and pre mature babies in the Arnold Palmer Hospital. As a vendor for OCPSchools, I was the recipient of another grant to work with Autistic students at a local high school.

. In addition, I trained with Christine Stevens, Internationally known, Board Certified Music Therapist and Social worker along with  Dr. Barry Bittman, M.D.,  researcher for "Health Rhythms" Empowerment Drumming.  I was trained in  the protocol that was researched by The Remo Drum company and Dr. Bittman's research. I was taken by not only the beats and sound, but the fact that the "Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming" has been shown to reverse the classic stress response and increase killer cell activity, thereby strengthening the immune system. In 2023, I was trained  in a program called "Beat the Odds," similar to Health Rhythms, but oriented for at risk youth. Social skills are emphasized delivered in a framework of simple drumming. Research and practical application shows it reduces instrumental anger in at risk youth.

I have created unique programs fashioned after experiences with patients, my education and my own unique experiences.


With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm sure you'll be happy in discovering a fit for your unique community, family, children or the company you work for.

I look forward to being of service to you soon! Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 407-726-0858 or email me


We hope to see you again! 


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