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Watch this brief DVD ! Mark Unger, host of Round Table (an ongoing series of New York City cable TV programs) interviews Darius Dinshah, President of The Dinshah Health Society, author and editor of "Let there Be Light," a practical manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy. (The therapeutic use of Color and sound for health.) Hear what he says regarding the benefits for children with learning challenges......................................

While many alternative therapies are slowly gaining acceptance, few people realize the remarkable value of Spectro-Chrome, a form of color/sound therapy in use since 1920. It's first use in America was in a women's hospital in Philadelphia though in later years, it has been practised by laypersons.

To experience this unique awesome and relaxing therapy,click on my contact page to schedule a "Lu'Music session with you or your child!


*Equalize & slow down brain waves

*Enhance focus & attention

*Boosts the immune system

*Regulate stress -related hormones

*Increase endorphin Levels

*Balance sensory overload... and much more!


*Stressed corporate executives & employees

*Children ages 3 -18 high functioning or At-risk/ Special Needs Youth

*Stressed working mothers

*Birthing moms

*Overworked teachers, retail workers, nurses, etc. 


*Blends Simple hand - drumming with Color Glasses

* No prior musical training needed to participate

* Helps communication, self-esteem

* Team building for corporate employees

*Studies show that the sound of drumming for the participant, synchronizes the brain hemispheres creating neuronal connections even where there is significant damage!

*Medical research shows that "Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming" enhances the immune system. Go to for all the latest insights on rhythmic wellness!


I came from a family of performing artists, comedians and actors. My dad was in show business long before I was a twinkle in mom's eye! I always loved theater and the performing arts. My brother is a really great jazz musician and a talented artist to this day.

Through my own journey of healing traumatic brain injuries, emotional trauma and toxic shock, I discovered a way to incorporate my earlier experiences into a body of work that uses the arts as healing. Of course, disciplined spiritual practice, good attitude and eating correctly is a big part of the picture and makes a difference in creating balance.

I pioneered my programs with Cancer patients, Dementia residents and years later, At-risk youth and adults in a Behavioral Health hospital. In the last 12 years I have received six grants , four from VSA ( Very Special Arts of Florida) one from the "Moving Music" program from The Bach Festival in Winter Park to serve youth in the Arnold Palmer Hospital, and one from the Orange County School system to work with Autistic students at a local high school.

Before 2008, I had 5 hospitals that I facilitated my programs in. The surprise came when I found I was made a part of a Body Mind Medicine Program that used the arts in a program for patients, with a group of other "Healing Artists." In addition other holistic concepts and ideas like Laughter, Chi Gong, art therapy, nutrition and poetry were practiced there. My job as a "Healing Arts Specialist" was to play bedside music in the assigned rooms and facilitate Health Rhythms Empowerment Group Drumming for patients, staff and visitors. I received a partial scholarship while working in this institution to train as a Therapeutic Musician with the MHTP Music for Healing and Transition School.

I have created unique programs fashioned after experiences with patients, my education and my own unique experiences.

I wrote reports on many patients whose vitals were checked by trained technicians. Time after time, they reported lowered blood pressure, normalized heart rate and increased oxygen uptake!

Therapists told me that patients seemed to open up and share from their heart instead of fear after our sessions.

Starting at age 23, I embarked on a on a roller coaster ride of holistic healing to free myself of illness and education to discover a way to be of service to those with health challenges and Special Needs.

My programs can serve anyone looking for more wellness and balance.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I'm sure you'll be happy in discovering a fit for your unique community, family, children or the company you work for.

I look forward to being of service to you soon! Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 407-895-1252 or email me

We hope to see you again! 

(Wikipedia) A small research study carried out in Brussels compared the behavior of nine adult clients with profound autism in both classroom and Snoezelen settings. Snoezelen rooms incorporate a few of the elements of "Spectro-Chrome" with the use of colors and sound. There was a 50% reduction in distress and stereotypical behavior, and seventy five percent less aggression and self-injury in a Snoezelen type of environment.

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