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Elder Care Approach: Therapeutic Music, Color Therapy, Laughter & Well Being!

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Therapeutic Music Services

Cheryl's Magic Flute is focused on providing high quality Therapeutic Music Services, Color therapy, Laughter & Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming for education and health care.

Serving ages 3-103! Private sessions & groups are available NOW in the Orlando, Florida area.


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l'll do everything I can to serve your unique and ongoing needs!

As a CMP, (Certified Music Practitioner) Educator B.A., Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming Facilitator and a Chromotherapy Consultant, I have created a unique marriage of these natural, musical, artistic, health and energy modalities.

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I laugh at myself for the health of it!


"Cher your Joy"!!!


Always "Cher-your-hope" !!!

This beautiful autistic high school student Mahan, is relaxing with "The Color Jam!" Check out the awesome glasses. No, it's not a fashion statement, it's Color Therapy Eyewear. Find out more about this unique experience for reversing stress...